Employment Training Center


Sue deBruijn, Director
sdebruijn@sccapinc.org  |  518-234-2568  x3026

The Employment Training Center provides the following service options:

NYS Displaced Homemaker Program:

A Displaced Homemaker is an individual who:

  • Is unemployed or underemployed and is having difficulty getting a job or moving ahead.
  • May not have worked in the labor force for a substantial number of years but, during that time, has worked in the home providing unpaid services for family members; and
    • Has depended on public assistance or on the income of another family member, but is no longer supported that way; or
    • Is receiving public assistance because of dependent children in the home, especially if that assistance will be ending.

The Displaced Homemaker Program helps individuals get back on the road to economic independence by providing the career counseling, employment training, job search assistance, and support services they need to obtain employment.  The program provides a wide range of career readiness workshops including:

  • Resume and cover letter preparation
  • Online job searching techniques
  • Basic and advanced Microsoft Office 2016 and QuickBooks 2018 workshops
  • Job development
  • Financial Literacy workshops

The goal of the program is to help people become employed and self-supporting by providing them with the necessary skills and support services to succeed.

Customized Business Training:

The Employment Training Center offers customized employee training and computer classes to address the needs of the local business community.  Trainings are available in individual or group settings.

September 2021 Workshops