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Emergency Services


Emergency Shelter

For those families or individuals that find themselves without shelter and can not be assisted at the local Department of Social Services.

Rental Assistance

For those people who, for some reason, do not qualify for assistance with DSS, but show legitimate need for assistance and all other options have been exhausted. Assistance with first month’s rent or rent past due is possible dependent upon need.

Fuel/Power Advocacy and Assistance

Assistance will be provided for those people who are delinquent in their utilities for a number of reasons such as loss of job, loss of head of household, etc… all options will be investigated. Worker will assist family in communicating with service provider to determine payment options.

For Emergency Services, please contact the Community Services Department at 518-234-2568.

Melissa Pawlak, Director
518-234-2568 x3035
or toll free: (866) 849-2402

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