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Family Support and Resource Center

Family Team Conferences

  • Creates teams with families to work on goals and build on strengths so families can move forward and be successful.
  • Providers and natural supports are brought together to form the family’s team.


Skill Building for Families

  • Important skills are often needed for families of children with special challenges.
  • Skill Building focuses not only on the techniques necessary to advocate for your child, but also on how to cope with your own anger, how to communicate effectively, and how to strengthen the family unit.
  • We also offer classes for parents AND youth, separately and together, so that all family members can work towards developing a strong, loving family.


Family Partners

  • Unique to Family Support, Family Partners offer peer support in many ways, depending on the needs of the particular family.
  • Family Parents assist with systems navigation, provide information about family and children’s issues, help maintain family success, assist with referrals, accompany parents to court and school meetings, and provide a listening ear.

Becky Foland, Director
518-234-2568 x3018
or toll free: (866) 849-2402